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According to your needs and tolerance, your sessions may include any of the following techniques: myofascial, deep tissue, stretching, traction and elongation of soft tissue, trigger point, European massage, acupressure and more. 

While our treatments vary from session to session and while your needs change, we stay focused on one point; getting you results.

Headaches: Trigger points and muscle spasms in the neck, upper back, shoulders, temples, and jaw are common sources of headaches.  Our Massage Solution addresses these issues by targeting these tight bands of muscles and fascia through a variety of therapeutic techniques including massage, trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, stretching, etc. By manipulating acupressure points in the scalp, temple, base of skull, hands and feet, tension is often alleviated.
Popular add-on: Peppermint Aromatherapy 

Neck pain and stiffness can often cause a number of ailments and conditions including headaches, migraines, limited mobility, nerve compression, and pain/tingling into the arms and hands.  Focused massage techniques, either deep or gentle (depending upon client's preference/condition), to the muscles along the cervical spine, the skull and neck can decrease pain and increase range of motion.  In addition, specific techniques to the upper back, occiput (base of skull), head and scalp may also be combined for optimum relief..
Popular Add-on's: Hot Stone, Hot Towels, Peppermint Aromatherapy

Shoulder and neck pain often go hand in hand.  Because the muscles of the scapula (shoulder blade) and the neck often overlap, pain and dysfuction in one area often corresponds to pain in the other.  Symptoms may include: radiating pain into the head, neck, scapula, upper extremities (arms), wrists, hands and figers; difficulty taking a deep breath; decreased neck and shoulder range of motion; and overall achiness and stiffness.  Our Massage Solution provides pressure/manipulation to the soft tissue structures of the neck, shoulders, scapula, upper arm, and back.  Stretching and gentle range of motion techniques may also be used to improve mobility and reduce pain.  
Popular Add-on's: Infrared Deep Heat, Hot Stones, Hot Towels, PeppermintAromatherapy, 
Lavender Aromatherapy, Bio-freeze or Tiger Balm Topical Pain Relieving Products.

Hands that are painful with use; stiff, swollen, or achy. If its not yet debilitating lets keep it that way. Our massage solution first relieves the pressure from the swelling by flushing fluid out of the small ligament and joint spaces. Then we methodically massage every small and long muscle in the fingers, palms, wrists and lower arms. Gentile as we slowly lengthen restricted muscle and ligamental tissue, compressing any tight nasty little nodules and finally soothing any residual tension with fluid moving Swedish style massage.
popular add-on's: hot stone, hot towels, peppermint
Mid and Lower back:
 The levels of pain one can experience in the mid and lower back can range from minor achyness to crippling pain that makes every position intolerable. General chronic soreness may worsen into chronic pain spreading into the hips and legs. Long hours of sitting encourage core muscle imbalance (hyper-tone / weakness) thus subjecting the spine to strong sheering forces that cause deep inflammation. Our Massage Solution involves proprietary methods of combining gentile decompressive resting postures and myofascial release in conjunction with massage of the large superficial muscles and focused detailed work on the small deeper muscles of the spine. your session can be gentile or strong according to your needs. We combine knowledge of commonly used advanced surgical procedures so that even if you have had the misfortune of needing surgery, we can still help provide life saving relief.
popular add-on's: deep heat infrared, hot stone, hot towels, bio-breeze or tiger balm

Leg stiffness, cramping, or pain can result from poor circulation, over-use or long hours sitting. In addition to being responsible for balancing the pelvis and the low back, the muscles of the legs are critical for the stability of the entire body. Our Solution involves massaging and gently lengthening the tight shortened quads and hamstrings as well as additional flexors and extensors muscles of the hip and lower leg both relieve pain, stiffness and imbalance. 
popular add-on's: hot stones

Foot pain or feet that stiffen over night, slows you down and makes starting your day difficult. Plantar Fasciitis may be averted for some by supplementing and nourishing all of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot and lower leg. Our massage solution quickly delivers stress relieving endorphins to your cerebral cortex - your happiness level elevates even before we begin the process of massaging the deep tiny muscles of your arches and toes. By the time we have warmed and lengthened the muscles and ligaments of the ankle and lower leg you may very well be in a twilighting - bliss. 
popular add-ons: peppermint and hot towels

To further our cause in providing effective pain relief and prevention we have incorporated a variety of additional services that have been proven effective for more then 80% of our clientele.

                                infrared technology
                                ionic detoxification
                                natural raw juices and smoothies