Medical Massage has been our primary servce since 1999. The vast majority of our cleints visit us for pain releif and prevention.

Medical Massage is highly effective for post-surgical recovery, arthritis (joint pain), back pain, neck pain, muscle pain,  migraines, foot pain, and knee pain are some of the medical conditions that can be addressed through our specialized treatments.

Soon to be available is our Ailment Service Menu. Simple focused sessions targeting specific problems with nothing exrta, simple straight forward relief.

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To further our cause in providing effective pain releif and prevention we have encorporated a vairiety of additional services that have been  proven effective for more then 80% of our clientel.

  • infrared technology
  • ioinic detoxification
  • natural raw juices and smoothies

Hello my name is James Smith.
My team and I have been practicing medical massage in conjunction with (and on) many medical professionals ranging from surgeons to chiropractors and every professional in between. We apply a wide range of techniques in order to achieve superior results with every session.
According to your needs and tolerance, your sessions may include any of the following techniques: myofascial, deep tissue, stretching, traction and elongation of soft tissue, trigger point, european massage, acupressure and more.

While our treatments vary from session to session and while your needs change, we stay focused on one point; getting you results.